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About us

MSYS Belgium was founded in the beginning of 1997 by Marc Van Camp.

By then, more than 15 years of knowledge and expertise was gained in all different aspects of business process automation. MSYS Belgium uses this knowledge and expertise to be put in service of small to large corporations.

Due to the constant evolution and new developments in information technology, companies and organizations need to adapt their business model accordingly in order to ensure their growth.

MSYS Belgium provides the necessary advice and coordination for the implementation of these new technologies in business processes.

Our Approach

Having experience in cross domain environments is the foundation of a broad range of skills. Multi-disciplinary expertise is used to analyze, design and develop new systems and applications.

As a result, projects are designed with a realistic view on the objective. Various designs such as top-down and bottom-up implementation, using as much libraries and frameworks as needed. But also modular constructions are used which allow the project to alter to new demands or changing technologies.

Currently applications are designed and developed along and with the Microsoft set of technologies and frameworks. Using mainstream coding languages such as C# for core logic and HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS for front end coding.

Systems are built up in a modular way using Service Oriented Architecture and a multi-layered application structure.

The latest applications are also built bearing in mind Cloud Based Computing.

What do we do?

Solution Architect

After a solid business analysis technical architectures are proposed and worked out to be implemented to fulfil the business requirements. Architecture descriptions are outlined across different domains, functions and industries. The implementation of the solution is monitored and governed.

Multi-platform Development

By adhering on common standards, multi-platform or cross platform software is produced. Most of the applications are based on a multi-tier architecture, whereas the front-end application is targeted to multi-platforms and the back-end software is running on a well-chosen technical platform.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Development for the different formats and mobile environments is key to bringing those devices into the business process. Wherever possible apps are developed bearing in mind the different formats the business user has or can work with. Using responsive design principles the same app can be used on a range of tablets, smartphones, desktops and large screen devices.


Project based consultancy is done to complement the competences of in-house staff. Due to more than 30 years of experience in different industrial and business environments a broad set of skills is acquired to provide a solid consulting base.

Cloud Solutions

Where business applications were first running on proprietary infrastructure or on dedicated datacenter equipment, there is a strong movement towards cloud computing. We are working with strategic partners to implement different business solutions in their cloud environment. Making business applications geo-redundant and scaling seamlessly depending on the requested load. This without worrying about specific provisions for fail-over and backup. The SLA of the cloud hosting partner is assuring an all-time up and availability.

Customer Service

As a provider of solutions to a variety of businesses it is important that those applications are backed with the correct support. On call support or support plans can be acquired for the developed applications and solutions.


Marc Van Camp Owner

Born in Antwerp, September 1956.


Industrial Engineer degree at the "Katholieke Industriële Hogeschool Antwerpen (KIHA)"

followed by the "Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL)" where he graduated as Civil Engineer in Electronics, specialized in Integrated Circuit Design.

In his 15 years of Professional Career:

His leading step in the IT-business was with Alcatel Bell where he was responsible for the Computer Aided Design department for VLSI (Custom IC design) and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design. Seamless integration of complex design and information systems was his main occupancy, resulting in an "Integrated VLSI Design System (IVDS)" and a "Integrated PCB Design System (IPDS)". During his time at Alcatel he also reported to Alcatel Headquarters as Area Manager responsible for the implementation of the VLSI and PCB design systems (IVDS, IPDS) as a common approach throughout all European Alcatel Design Centers. The main purpose of standardizing on common design tools was to align the exchange of huge and complex amounts of design information between the different Alcatel Design Units, which were geographically dispersed all over Europe.

In 1990 he joined Canon Business Machines Belgium as System Consultant. Within his stay at Canon (since 1995 Canon Benelux) he was responsible for the technical marketing strategy of all system related products: digital color copiers, digital B&W copiers, digital imaging systems, document and image management systems and network fax systems. As system consultant he was also part of the Canon Benelux Internet Work Group for the definition of the Canon Benelux Web Site. He was also the driving force behind the development (1994) of a (Lotus Notes Based) Technical Knowledge Base and a Customer Call Tracking System for the System Support of Canon’s Professional Office Systems. As a member within the CFSE group of Canon Europa he was also involved in the definition of Canon’s European Document and Image Management Systems. Throughout his time at Canon, he has learned that customers have a need for advice and coordination to integrate and implement solutions in their business processes.

In order to provide todays corporations a clear view on an implementation path which allows to adapt to the new information standards, he founded his own company which offers consulting services, independent from any hard- and software manufacturer.

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